I'm Samuel, and by day I'm a software engineer at System1 working on Mapquest.com (yes, we're still around). In my free time, I work on and write for Better Dev alongside Chris Sev.

In my role at MapQuest, I work as a tech lead in our effort to rebuild the site in React - actually, Preact - backed by Node microservices, with state management handled by Redux and a fairly robust Cypress testing infrastructure.

Outside of web development, I have pretty simple joys in life - my wonderful wife, family, video games, and essentially anything in the outdoors.

The posts on this site will be all over the place, and not necessarily all related to web development. I take a lot of inspiration from swyx and Linus Lee, especially in regards to learning in public and both their general approaches to constant writing, creativity, and self improvement.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to reach out on any of my social links in the footer - I'd love to hear from you!