life of smool


Senior Software Engineer, Subsplash - Remote

  • Lead the feature development, support, and roadmap for SnapPages, Subsplash's legacy website builder
  • Set up fully reproducible local environment for SnapPages with Docker
  • Brought SnapPages in line with modern software practices with MySQL migrations, CI/CD, and dev/stage environments
  • Reduced open Priority 0 and Priority 1 bugs to 0 and established a 2-week SLA for Priority 1 and above

Software Engineer, DocuSign - Remote

January 2022 - January 2023

  • Owned and supported the frontend monorepo built with Nx Dev Tools, which housed multiple applications and libraries used across the Marketing Engineering teams
  • Managed a NextJS application that generated hundreds of pages across
  • Created custom React app integrations with Contentful
  • Built custom generators for Nx with TypeScript that significantly increased developer productivity when creating new React components
  • Oversaw all Netlify builds for development, staging, and production environments

Senior Software Engineer, System1 - Denver, CO/Remote

September 2020 - January 2022

  • Lead the rebuild of MapQuest’s RoutePlanner in React/Preact, using Redux state management and Mapbox GL for mapping
  • Implemented end-to-end testing infrastructure in Cypress
  • Used Gatsby to build a paid-advertising site for MapQuest which generates $20,000+ in monthly profit
  • Coordinated a core team of four engineers and worked extensively with management to set expectations, deadlines, and build out product roadmaps and requirements

Software Engineer 3, Comcast Technology Solutions - Denver, CO

January 2017 - September 2020

  • Developed the user interface using AngularJS for Comcast’s Ad Platform, which distributes thousands of advertisements per week
  • Utilized Node.js to act as a middleware between AngularJS and a Postgres DB, as well as the Java-based backend.
  • Adhered to an 80% unit test coverage requirement using Jasmine and Jest
  • Received promotion from Software Engineer 2 to Software Engineer 3 for continued excellent performance